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The origin of this seemingly endemic black man crave for white flesh is placed squarely at the feet of slave owners and colonisers.After all, in our history, in our reality if you are white, you are alright, right?Like Bolt was struck down by the looove bug and even his record shattering legs buckled under its effects.Indeed, the hypocrisy of the debate came into the spotlight as one poster highlighted the fact that the green-eyed monster may be the real motivation behind the criticisms: "is just jealousy a kill all a you guys.One man wrote: "So Bolt wasn't famous when he was dating all those black girls in the past?

Comments such as these project these men's longing to mate outside of their race and they celebrate with the sprinter, urging him to get his groove going.They held up Barack Obama as the example to emulate: a Black man loving his queen.Men like Seal, Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods were continuously evoked as brothers who succumbed to Delilah's temptation.Usain is perhaps just staking claim to this one last trophy which had eluded his ancestors.The heart wants what the heart wants On a lighter more romantic note, there are those posters who put the whole affair down to cupid and his poisonous dart.

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    Re-visiting your biggest take away and insights from Module 2 and creating an action step that will keep you feeling confident about attracting your soul mate and get you ready for the next step...dating.